PICTURE THIS! at Danforth Art

imageThis illustration from The Story of Passover is currently on exhibit at Danforth Art’s third annual juried exhibition showcasing new and original artwork created by picture book illustrators. Selected works are on display in the Children’s Gallery. I am so pleased that the show has been extended to August 16th.


The Story of Passover by David A. Adler is a visually rich story that tells the plight of Moses and the ten plagues and how the Jews were saved. It will be available in Spring of 2014 published by Holiday House, New York. 

This was my last winter’s project.imageOf course, we could not show the drowning babies, but only the heartless Egyptian and the grieving mothers. While gathering reference material, I watched Disney’s the Prince of Egypt and, of course,  Charleton Heston in the Ten Commandments playing the heroic Moses. But I was enthralled with Disney’s interpretation of this scene as told through ancient Egyptian paintings that were animated. Watch for the wall of falling babies.imageThis represents two plagues. Above the snakes, the animals ran wild and below the Egyptian’s cattle grew sick and died.imageAnd frogs covered the land followed by a cloud of lice. Did the Egyptian’s finally get the message? 

Much more to come this Spring!